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Monday, October 31, 2005


besant nagar beach. 1996 through 1998. Was being courted, was dating. but that wasn't the only reason we went there. tamil selvi. the little flower girl. he would buy 10bucks worth of stringed jasmines, and insist that she wear it. The little flower girl got flowers as a weekly gift. even when we were broke, he would set aside 10 for her.
she would sit smiling, too shy to speak to him, but rather gregarious with me. on his visits alone, when I wasn't around, she would sit next to him. no flowers were gifted then. but she would still sit next to him and watch him read. and then on my next trip would report to me about him.
tamil selvi, our first hint of a child. nearly 2 years passed and we went back on a holiday, and went searching for her. we asked about her. 'no, she no longer sells flowers -- ippo periya ponnu -- she has come of age.'
that was nearly 5 years ago. where is she now?

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