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Friday, November 30, 2007


that i simply have to stop playing eminem, 50cents and pussy cat dolls while driving. now O has started to sing along. it is ok when she goes 'om shanthi om...' i dont want her to walk into school singing, 'don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me...!'

that working with Arab men is infinitely more comfortable than working with south Asian men -- for women that is. Arab men genuinely treat women with respect. There are strays. But most educated ones, with a bit of upbringing, will try his best not to make a woman uncomfortable. Especially Egyptian men in my office.

Sri Lankan men are very charming.

Arab women are so frustrated, and so bloody bitchy to Asian women in particular.

That success breeds envy.

That there is racism, sure; but there is also persecution complex. we Indians like to put down all our troubles to our skin colour/nationality. It is not always the case, though. Sometimes it is because we are not doing our job right.

That every time, I am brimming with confidence about my job or skill, someone will come along and put me in my place, and put things in perspective. Still a big fish in a small pond!

That every time I am full of self doubt about how good (or not) I am in what I do, someone will send an email appreciating what I do.

That every time I feel alone and friendless, a friend will text me or call or email, telling me years and years of knowing each other, and being in different countries, has only strengthened our relationship.

That every time I am upset about the mother I am, my daughter hugs me and tells me 'I am the best mother ever' (adding later, I am the only mother she has!)

That every time I feel low about the way I look she tells me I look beautiful, or my husband makes a pass at me :)

That (borrowing from the Gita) whatever happens, it happens for the good. whatever doesn't happen, doesn't happen for the good. This is one of the greatest truths of life for me.

That Karma is no myth. It is what we live everyday.

That I am not religious, I am not a worshipper, I am not a believer, but I am not an Atheist, either.

That I AM very spiritual. That's the truth, even if people laugh when I say that. It's my very own kind of spirituality.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Super Stars Are Not Above The Law! Not even me!

I swear on everything dearest to me, that I didn't coach her on this.
But my lil Oviya (all of 6) wanted to know why her surname is that of her father's, and why mine doesn't figure anywhere.
And then she tells me she wants to be called Oviya Saraswathi (my second name) Cherian.
I was so over the moon, I made a few deliriously happy international calls to my sisters to tell them this.
That's not the only reason I feel like a superstar.
She tells me when she is a grown up she will work in Qatar Today, just the way I do.
For her I am perfect it seems, because she tells me day in and day, that she is going to be just like me when she is a 'grown up' and do all that I do.
Except today, when she very wisely added, "But I won't get that yellow sticker on the car or go to the police station".
Which reminds me, I have a traffic fine to pay. Again.
The saving grace being, my daughter is a discerning little imp!

The last f**k

i received validation for a decision i took 12 years ago, and i learnt a lesson about living life to the fullest, till the very last minute.
and all from a truckload of lamb being led to the slaughterhouse.
so here i am rushing to an appointment, and right in front of me is a truck load of lamb. They are packed in tight, and i was upset wondering if they knew that was their last drive ever? and just feeling glad that I turned vegetarian a dozen years ago.
So that's my validation.

Then I saw them jostle each other, and one in particular seemed like it would fall over the flimsy barrier holding them in. And there I was thinking, "The bastards could not even get them a comfortable truck. They are literally on top of each other."
And then it hit me. They were! At least one of them managed to find some lust/romance in that sad moment, and was humping away. I was so hysterical with laughter, I almost lost control of the wheel.
So that's the lesson in life. If I am going to be led to the slaughterhouse, I am going to make sure I have one last good fuck!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

comb overs

i love bald men with comb overs. so pathetically optimistic and cute, how can you be irritated with them?

radio ga ga

feeling really nostalgic about the radio.
here, as soon as i get into the car, i tune into 89.1, dubai fm, which plays hindi music. and it is not always a clear signal.
and i realise how easily we give up stuff we enjoyed, for things we think are better.
i remember vividh bharati at 7.15 am in mds. and again at 8.15 pm. and the deaf old man across the street listening to bbc news.
and then the english music station, don't remember the exact number.
now of course there is radio mirchi and all those kinds of stuff. i am sure i would be hooked if i were back home.
there is a difference however with what you hear on dubai fm. in the evenings especially, you hear these desperately lonely and sad voices calling in. and at the end of the minute or so, they seem to cheer up. i just hope the rjs know they are doing a wonderful job of being empathetic to these listeners, who live far away from home, and probably alone. of course there is one real rude rj -- gayathri -- someone should silence her!
now let me zero in on qatar's 97.5 fm. evenings are good, they play real nice selection. rj-ing is hopeless most of the time. but mornings are a torture. irrelevant stuff. about exhibitions being held in some vague corner of britain. and the then there are these real weird brit rjs who think they are being funny, but are only making asses of themselves...
give me back my vividh bharathi!