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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ummm mum...!

First the disclaimer: I do not endorse her, her antics, her music or her products in anyway.
Still, this is in defence of her as a young mother. Give her a break!!
Britney Spears has always been under scrutiny, for the songs she sings, the man she marries, the clothes she wears and now for the mother she is. While everything else seems justified enough, the last mentioned is simply sad.
Ok, so she really goofed up driving with her child in the lap, and she didn’t know how to read the instructions on the car seat manual.
Let the parent who has never made an error in judgement cast the first stone.
How many of us have done things out of ignorance, have tripped – literally or otherwise – on our parenting skills… so what makes her different. Why should she be treated as the mother from hell.
From what we see, at least she seems to be spending time with her child, she seems enthusiastic about parenting. Especially since she can afford a hundred nannies to take care of her little one, and restrict her participation to good night kisses and photo ops.
None of us mothers is perfect – motherhood is a work in progress. We try our best, learn from our mistakes, we slip up and hope to be forgiven, we show care and love and are gratified by the kisses and hugs. We can take the tears and tantrums from our children, we can take the help and advice of others around us.
But to be judged, breaks us. To be judged as a bad mother or an inefficient mother is not easy to deal with – especially when one is trying.

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