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Sunday, November 06, 2005


A Heritage village... deserted, random sweet stalls, horse rides, bored looking pearldivers and fishermen glaring at visitors.
A huge shopping tent, trash from across the world, a real fun shopping experience... and you can also feel nice about your good deed for the day. paying the salaries of at least a couple of chinese factory workers!
(Aside: Friend of mine returned from the Iskon temple in Bangalore with a Krishna statuette made in China!!)
and then the big top... a circus tent. manned by some nincompoops who couldnt help squash a fly, barring the sweet smile reserved for white skinned single women. Hail QTA's social service.
But an enjoyable Eid. The City gets more festive for Bakrid -- Eid Al Adha.
Two months to go for that!
So basically if you are in Qatar, you spend one month having fun during Ramadan. Then a week for the Eid. Spend two months in expectation for the next one. And one more week of that. So basically you need to work only for 8.5 months. Of which you dont work fridays and saturdays. sundays is a global weekend, so you kind of are still in the spirit. three days gone from the week...
And in most Govt and certain pvt organisations, women get 5 days off a month to deal with their personals. This is what I've heard. and most conveniently combine it with their weekends.
5 days a month! worth the embarassment to go and tell HR "Sir, I am bleeding, so 5 days off!"
Guess you've got the idea already about what it is to work in Qatar... you don't slog!

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