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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Driving miss lazy

ok, finally I started it. Driving lessons from Jan 1. And believe it is the most annoying thing I have done in my life.
So much better to be driven around. But I push myself forward: two months, and my husband will lose his last vestiges of control over me. I am my boss.
No more driving Miss Lazy.
And I will be able to have more fun than before, go and come as I please.
Just wish this damn thing could be done with.
I am so nostalgic of Madras, where I went around in my 2-wheeler for 6 glorious years, without licence, thanks to the Press sticker.
But here in Qatar, the Press sticker would probably invite an extra penalty.
So here I am after a long hour of reversing, and with an aching neck to boot!!
42 hours to go!!!

1 comment:

bubby said...

Good luck daisy irani!! sorry daisy qatari..hehehe