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Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year pains ease...

...but still has not delivered.
Ok, so far so good. I like to believe that I am optimistic not greedy. But the line between avarice and hopes is rather blurry.
Like I hope for a happy and peaceful year. And hope that these two factors would be the result of or result in, success and prosperity.
See, it is almost like the line doesnt exist.
A week into the new year and my resolutions (that i claim never to make or make and never to take seriously) all ready begin crumbling. for one regular blogging hasn't happened yet.
Anyways, back to that blurry line I spoke about.
A lunch party with a group of friends/acquaintances. And then I hear some of them start off about how they have to earn every penny, and nothing comes to them easy. That they are not lucky, but are thankful that they are no unlucky, they add wistfully. Something my sisters say very often about ourselves. We have always had to put in a bit more effort, wait a wee bit longer, for things to click. but no complaints, things always clicked. never a free lunch though.
Now these women are oil mistresses (married to men working in global oil conglomerates or work in one). Their monthly income is about 3-5 times what most 'middle-class' families in Doha earn, they have longer vacations, more perks, etc etc. So where was the need to be wistful?
I guess each to his opinion.
And I come back to my LQ -- luck quotient. I am not joking. If there is a scratch and win, everyone is a winner contest, everyone of our 20 scratches will give us M&Ms.
If there is a gift for every contestant, my husband and I will end up with similiar papermate pens.
You get the idea??
So back to hoping 2006 is happy and peaceful and, and, and...

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