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Sunday, April 29, 2007


How important is flirting for the well-being of a woman? I
s it merely for the young, restless & cellulite-free?
No. In fact it is more important for the older, without-rest & what-have-you...
Flirtations. It sure can kick-start your day.
A few nostalgic exchanges with someone from the past.
A fleeting smile or eye-contact with a total stranger at the traffic signal or jam.
A teenager who ogles at the 'aunty' (big boobs are big boobs for the inexperienced, who cannot differentiate it from mere fat).
Even an unexpected call from partner of many years...
Flirtations... as important as a strong cup of filter coffee, a good review for your byline, a hug from a friend.
Flirtations... on certain days, when the mirror is exceptionally rude, is more important than all of the above put together!

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