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Monday, August 06, 2007


A friend of mine has started her gym tales, and this is no competition to that.

But this is about the contrasts in my gym.
First the ones who are are there to workout:
Fat women, indulgences, excesses, too much to eat, too little work, enough money... and too little clothes... leaving nothing to the imagination.

And then the cleaners at the gym, who go around wiping down the sweaty machines, and cleaning the floors:
Skinny women, not enough to eat, too much work, barely sufficient salaries... and oversized clothes, hand-me downs.

One wishing for the other's body.
One wishing for the other's comforts.

A sad, sad world!


Blogeswari said...

Super, Ver well written

Oracle said...


Sujata Tarakesan Kannan said...

Even good pregnancy books say that after baby comes, one MUST set time aside for the spouse. Must straightaway rekindle the romance and spend time alone -- of course, with some suggestions for the husband to attract his wife who may be feeling low. So a thoughtful comment, a compliment etc. from his part and a bit of effort fom hers. but that sounds fairytale-ish to me. I really can appreciate what you have done. Good for the child and you two. As long as the child is happy -- that's the main thing:)