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Friday, August 10, 2007

My Hate Rant


  • Men who lech and think they are being cool
  • Men who adjust their testicles and scratch their crotch in public
  • Men who wear tight trousers that gather at the crotch and rise at the ankle, and think it's cool
  • Fair men who have no hair on them. Really yuck!
  • Men who pee where ever and when ever they please, just because they can do it standing
  • Salman Khan
  • Wife beaters
  • And the wife who takes it more

  • Parenting tips from people who don't have children
  • Parenting tips from people who do have children
  • Parenting tips... Period
  • Supermoms who look down their sweaty noses at those of us who tend to relax a wee bit
  • Fathers who think their parenting participation begins and ends with impregnating their wives/partners
  • Parents who think rude and badly behaved children are cute and naughty! At least show your disapproval if you can't correct the child

  • Bras. More so because I can't afford to not wear it
  • Frayed panties that show over hipster jeans. If you HAVE to wear those jeans, go get yourself a proper pair of panties please!
  • Mismatched blouses and underskirts with sarees...
  • Tall women who wear heals
  • Tall women who wear long skirts. A la Aunt Hilda
  • I hate cynics (and whatever this rant may sound like, I am not one)

  • Slim women who show false empathy and talk about their excess weight to those bordering on obesity
  • And more so, when they are patronising enough to say, "You are just big, not fat!"
  • Women who obsess about their weight so much, they can't hold a conversation on anything without it turning into "Have I gained? Have I lost?" rigmarole. Who the eff cares?
  • Fat women wearing spandex. Hello? No mirror at home?
  • Flat chested women wearing low necklines. That cut is only for the well-endowed please!
  • Women who pretend not to gossip. Bullshit! Who really doesn't?
  • Flight attendants who are mean to those who seem to hail from the labour class, while ready to drop their pants for those flying business/first.


  • People who honk just as the red turns to green at the signal
  • People who honk for no reason at all
  • People who keep flicking cigarette ash out of the window
  • People who drive with their kids on their laps
  • People who drive autorickshaws. Bloody thieves!

(to be continued)

1 comment:

Sujata Tarakesan Kannan said...

Am holding my breath for the rest of your list...what if it includes me or worse, any of MY habits?;) Ha, ha. But, seriously, enjoyed the hate list.Gimme more!