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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


i love airports. don't really mind long transits etc... because each airport seems rather unique. that is, the people passing through it. so waiting to see what changi has to offer morrow when i leave.
some airports that are rather unique...
in doha, people are always looking bored and irritable. maybe just my biases colouring my view... still, my blog, my opinions. though look tired, maybe because most of them are transit passengers. the rest are looking kind of happy to leave.
dubai is an interesting mix. there are people looking expectant, maybe first job in another gulf destination, so they are transiting. some look rather swipe happy, having shopped like crazy. then you will find the relieved lookings ones, just happy to go back home. and the ones who already dread coming back to their insufferable jobs.
and not to mention, the ones who looks so surprised and fingers-crossed happy, because they know they wouldn't have the jobs they do in their own country, either because they are not qualified enough or because their light skin tone is not a cv-booster.
in colombo, the lankans are on cloud nine already to be getting out. the others are mumbling prayers and hoping they make a safe flight out.
in kenya, it's like the chennai central...
in botswana, hard to figure about other passengers, as there wasn't an airport building to speak off about 8 years ago. main gate, check in counter, runway...
chennai. EVERYONE seems to be teary-eyed or sad about leaving. maybe bias again. who cares. but even the geek going to harvard on full aid, looks sad to be leaving madras.
...any other airport that strikes you as exceptionally interesting.

1 comment:

Teesu said...

Can hardly consider myself an airport watcher. Pretty sure people watch me not least because I can be clumsy or give thiruttu muzhis;)