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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

this is qatar. and i am bloody fed up!

Check THIS out.
today's headline. why don't they just pass a law making it mandatory for expatriates (specifically asian expats) to walk around in shackles, and abandon all relationships back home?
what are we to these effing a'O'? just machines who work with neither feelings nor rights?
they talk about the rights of sponsors... rights of the billionaire human rights violators? is there no justice in this world? is it enough if they are born as rabid rats in their next janam? what about now?
i am beyond cribbing, and now at the point of breaking... i am so angry, upset... need to flee this place.
if this weren't bad enough, read this and this.
why am i still here? why? why? why?!


Harshika said...

why indeed!! I visited Doha for the first time in July this year for a friend's wedding and noticed something similar when we were out shopping! It was such a shock to me! I realised again that only the asian bachelors were being roughed up! BTW, I bumoed in to your blog a lil while ago and am enjoying it so much. You write so well. WIll keep visitng often.


umm oviya said...

thanks Harshika. and we know why we are here right? all of us in the 'Gelf'! petro dollars over principles ;)