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Sunday, August 24, 2008

whoopie breast exam

Watching The View today, I spent about 5 minutes examining Whoopie Goldberg's breasts.
Whoa, hold on. I don't swing that way, though I love Whoopie.

What I was trying to do was, point out the existence of her breasts to my 6-year-old O.

This is what happened: She kept staring at Whoopie and then asked me if it was a man or a woman.

I was surprised she even had a doubt. "Woman," I said.

"But she doesn't have the bump like other women. Like you."

"That's because some have it smaller than the rest. And she is wearing a loose shirt."

"Even then, there is that line on the bump (cleavage, I guess, is what she meant)... see the other women all have that line."

And yes, all the other women were showing cleavage. And I was showing mine too, in my loose house coat.

To her Whoopie as a woman didn't seem appealing, because she didn't show off her 'bump'.

I know I have a long road ahead of me, to explain to her that that's not what femininity is all about. And that it doesn't have to be on display.

I have started by asking her not to call it the 'bump', but 'breasts'.

That was an easy one...

The rest of the ride is going to be 'bumpy'!

1 comment:

Teesu said...

I like Whoopi too. But I thought she is quite bumpy only;) Anyways...good point. Kids today i feel are really too smart -- they even seem to know which questions NOt to ask sure you my have observed this too!