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Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Whys...

The tech-support guy, on my ISP trouble shooting helpline, flirts with me... And I flirt back, giggling! Mentioning a husband (had to, the service is in his name), but keeping mum about the 7-year-old and the little peach in my womb. WHY?

I feel uncontrollably thirsty, the minute I step out of home, when I know I can't have anything to drink or eat outside, during Ramadan. WHY?

When things are going smooth, and there is little to irritate or annoy me, I think long and hard for things to quarrel about with R. WHY?

Unintentionally and embarrassingly, I tend to imitate accents of those I am speaking to. Especially true when I am speaking to Tamils, Malayalees and Arabs. Fortunately, not tempted to do so with the Punjus. WHY and WHY?

Pick-up and truck drivers bring out the offensive driver in me. WHY?

I judge people by the footwear they wear. It tells you everything you need to know about the person. WHY?

I hate that R works out and is so health conscious. WHY?

I find it difficult to trust Indian men who have light eyes. WHY?

I can't trust men who are overly chivalrous. WHY?

There are people I know who can hardly manage a good word about anyone. WHY?

There are folks I know who would put the bathroom mat to shame. They take so much nonsense. WHY?

Some think tears work well as a negotiation tool at work. WHY?

But I feel it's fine to use tears to get your way at a personal level. WHY?

All Managers seem to thrive on double talk and scheming. WHY?

I am still jealous when my mum spends more time with one of my sisters than with me. WHY?

I am inexplicably jealous of famous writers, who don't know me from the wino on their street. WHY?

I hate the way I am when I haven't had a wash, and love the clean, nice feeling. Still, I find it difficult to get my fat a** off the bed/chair to do the needful. WHY?

I love to see plants in the house. I love the gardens my mum/sis/MIL have. Still, I managed to kill the cactus and money plant at home. WHY?

I LOVE food. HATE to cook. WHY?

I have immense patience and tact at work (though colleagues may disagree). But am totally lacking in these aspects, at home, with family. WHY?

I feel quite great about myself and the way I look while in Doha or Bangalore. Most of the time. But the minute I step into Chennai, I feel sloppy and unattractive. WHY?

The only time I think I am overweight is when I go shopping at designer stores. Even the scales don't bother me. WHY?

I think it's better to be fat than to be totally skinny. And I don't think it's a matter of sour grapes. WHY?

It takes me longer to warm up to a thin person, than to a not-so-thin person. WHY?

Despite the last few WHYs, I am not obsessed with weight. Not a why, but REALLY.

... maybe continued.


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

WHY indeed. I am pretty sure you don't really want any answers, so I will keep my pearls to myself! Meanwhile, will hide my footwear before you show up.

umm oviya said...

humour me... answer a few whys.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

1. Accent -- because you are confident of carrying off some unlike the Punjabi accent!
2.Unattractive in Chennai -- is because of the weather and the people. The latter will do it to you all the time and too much familiarity. Also, when you are THAT sweaty, it gets to you more.
3. Overly chivalrous men -- because they may just be smooth about EVERYthing?
4. Plants and food same story. Only interested in the end product types. Like would u be interesteed to yourself STITCH all the clothes you have??
5. Third last why: Fat is a case of over-prosperity perhaps while skinny, deep rootedly may indicate deprivation of some sort?
6. 2nd last why: Lean and mean stuck to your mind?