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Sunday, September 28, 2008

What do they do?

those who don't read at all. or don't read anything other than the newspaper?

what do they do those last minutes before they nod off?
what do they do on long bus or train journeys?
what do they do while waiting at the airport lounge or on the flight?
what do they do to unwind, imagine, lose themselves in a different world, or forget all their worries?
what do they do on those difficult mornings on the pot?
what do they do while at the doctor's waiting room?

seriously, what do people who do not read, do?

almost everyone in my family -- parents, siblings, in-laws, husband, daughter, and most of my friends read. all the time.

but i do have a niece and a couple of friends who don't. and i've noticed that all of them use the word 'bored' more often than the rest.


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Yup. I don't get them. They might not be up to much good either...;)

Deeps said...

for all your questions..just one answer... I listen to music
Not because I don't read or get 'bored' like some your friends do but purely because I prefer music to reading anytime of the day
So,there u have an answer from one person out of all those people you have directed your queries to;)

mumbaigirl said...

But there are those who don't listen to music to either...seriously what do they do?

Deeps said...

really? then I guess they are missing out on a lot. I just wanted to pinpoint the fact that there are people who do enjoy indulging in things other than reading.

Blogeswari said...

I am in Deeps katchi - listen to 'Naaka mukka' and 'Varanam Aayiram' on my personal stereo...

The last minutes before I sleep off are solely and exclusively for Business today, business india kinda stuff.. nalla tookam varum! (try it!)

Bus, train, airport - music, magazines
Doctor's - 8 year old India Today
On the pot - Outlook , Mid-day!

umm oviya said...

people, people... if you have noticed, most readers, read with music playing in the background. that's the ideal situation.

and i really can't complain about people who opt for magazines over books. after all, that pays for my bread, butter and milano shoes.

teesu, my lone supporter, thanks :)

mumbaigirl said...

Hey, I am a supporter too. Snob of the reading AND listening to music kind!

umm oviya said...

oh, ok :) snob, really?

mumbaigirl said...

Yeah, I look down on people who don't read. Don't like that aspect about myself, but haven't been able to change it, so am a snob.