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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Age, that nasty SoB

by the end of the holiday, I was ready to come back to Doha, to my home, its comforts and the lack of it too.
what annoyed me this holiday was not the bad civic amenities, but age. The ageing of parents, relationships... everything looked old.
And it gets worse when you are the youngest in a large family...
At the airport, when I turned around one last time to say bye, it was age that gave me a tear-jerking slap.
My parents and parents-in-law, looking old and alone.
The selfish me was resentful of the fact that I will always know my parents a few years less than my sisters, and also a few years older.
I resent that my mother cannot be as sprightly with my child as she was with my niece and nephew.
But that's me. I don't only want the good things in life, I want more and more of it.

1 comment:

Teesu said...

Yes, you really CANNOT get 'enough of parents' -- whether you are the youngest or the oldest. You always wish you could have more of them. I just hope the next generation will be THIS fond of us!!