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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beef it up, please

Qatar Airways, will you beef it up please? Not the food, but the luggage allowance.
While most airlines give at least 30-35, Qatar Airways gives a measly 20 to passengers travelling India-ME segment, while giving 60 or so to those travelling to Europe and the US from India.
Now of course, we would much rather prefer that a light flight takes us safely to our destination, no doubt.
But here is the other thing that they are beefing up, unnecessarily.
Travelling Doha to Chennai, the meals choice was veg or beef. Excuse me! The destination is Chennai, India. Why the hell would you give beef as the only non-vegetarian choice? And not even stock enough veg platters as an alternative?
What if flights to the Middle East offer only Pork as the meat choice? There would be a jihad over that, for sure.

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