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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Smitten, then bitten

Once bitten, and twice shy...
So he sang his way into our school girl hearts.
George Michael, for whom every girl in my school swooned.
Yesterday and today I hear his songs on the radio, from his 'still in the closet' phase.
Then he stepped out, and a million hearts broke. It was like a personal betrayal; as if we 15-year-olds stood a chance with him if he had only been straight.
Now a more mature me listens to his songs, and is still swayed. In my mind, he will always sing to me...
Last Christmas, and this, and forever more.

1 comment:

Teesu said...

Completely agree with you on that! What a guy! What a voice! What a waste! Grrr. I was around eleven or so and would be busy listening to all his songs - popular or no and even now, burst into 'heartbeat, heartbeat' and I loved the video of Club Tropicana. Freedom, wake me up...etc.Last Christmas...ahhh. good, good, old, old times:)Have a drink on my behalf for this!Cheers!