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Monday, December 03, 2007

gym tales again

they wear the abhaya and hijab (black flowing robe and headscarf). some even wear the veil, revealing only heavily made-up eyes through a slit.
then they enter the gym, look at the women who don't observe the hijab, who are wearing long or three-fourth tracks and modest tees.
they smirk at us. then drop their yards of black. some are in proper workout clothes. but many are not. they are wearing lacy underwear, skimpy vests, tight shorts, they scream and chat loudly with each other, or talk long on the mobiles. They barely do a few minutes on the treadmill, before they reach for an energising drink.
they laugh at our unbranded, non-designer wear.
i used to be annoyed, frequently irritated. No longer.
In this room, where no men are allowed they can be as they please.
just as they are in the all-women sections at restaurants, in the malls...
a freedom amongst strangers, that they can't enjoy at home.

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