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Monday, January 07, 2008

oooooooooooh! that feeling again!

as i walk along the glass wall, looking in, approaching the door... my pulse races, i am practising my lines, i am excited... a state of pre-orgasm. Embarrassing, definitely!
Then I walk through the door, and look into his eyes, and slowly mouth the words: "Can I have a membership form please."

Finally, a library member again, after close to 9 years of starvation.

Qatar almost seems normal now. Yes, the library is attached to the Georgetown Univ-SFS Qatar campus; yes, I have to travel some 12-14kms to reach it; yes, I can't borrow some of the categories, as I am a public patron and not a student; but, what the heck! there are loads and loads of books there. And finally I don't have to spend indecent sums of money on carting books to Qatar.

ps1: For the uninformed. Qatar doesn't have a decent book store. it didn't have a decent library. Otherwise, it is not such a bad place, really.
ps2: I've picked up two new authors, more of that later.

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