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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

About The Dictionary below

One of the members at the writing workshop I attended some weeks ago wrote that.
I found it absolutely beautiful and true... it was spiritual without being religious -- my favourite way for things to be!
We try to find solutions and proof for everything in science. We take refuge in it, and then the line blurs. From trying to cure diseases, genetics becomes about designer babies.
From finding alternative energy resources, nuclear science becomes about destruction.
I am all for science... don't get me wrong. But not a science that disprespects and rapes nature. Definitely not that.
And for me just as how science is misused, so is religion.
From providing solace for the soul, it is now a weapon to discriminate and kill...
That the sun rises and sets, and in Qatar is it is a perfect ball in the evening, unlike how sunsets are back where i come from; how sometimes the sun and the moon are visible up in the sky at the same time; how there are shades of pinks and oranges in the skies that I've never ever seen -- not on an artist's palette, not in a weaver's loom, not on photoshop... colours that we find impossible to translate; that every day we learn new aspects of species, attributes that we cannot even begin to imagine...
and when you see or hear or experience all this, and just take it a wee bit down, from the head to the heart... a humbling moment, that trivialises the wars we wage at work, home and in the world.


Teesu said...

Yes, beautiful piece written by Farwin and following that is also a very beautiful post which you have written.:)

Sangeetha said...

"I am all for science... don't get me wrong. But not a science that disrespects and rapes nature"-Vani kallakitae. It's beautiful