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Monday, February 18, 2008

the Guru also Hates

i can heal you. wash away your pain and give solace to your malice (does it even make sense? but rhymes!)
i have enough philosophies, thoughts, solutions and words to find a way around every problem and emotion you throw at me.
take deep breaths... breathe out your hate and breathe in your love...
feel your body relax as all the hate flows out of your body. distance yourself from what cannot breathe and die.
distance yourself even more from what can.
look inwards.
and then go crazy!
all that is missing is a white or saffron robe.
but here is the thing... i can forgive most things. even racism. if it is born out of ignorance or an inferiority complex.
what i cannot and will not forgive is the racist who wears his philosophy on his sleeve and ass. who does everything, short of wearing a KKK mask, to make it clear he/she is a white supremacist, who takes every opportunity to reaffirm (?!!?) that he/she is better because she is white and so the rest of the world is her doormat.
and in all my life, i have come across just one person who is so despicable, so bitter, so full of hate, it almost rubs off on you.
i hate this one person so much for being such a rabid racist... and who gets away with it.
her name is frances racist gillespie, formerly known as clare racist gillespie (my husband reading over my shoulder wants to know if i am ready to be sued! I am. I speak the truth).
to speak openly about her heals my hurt. that's my excuse for using my blog to bitch about a person by name.
i am healing.
and it is accepted that you can voice your opinion about public figures, and for the purpose of this discussion, she is. She has written some books. uhmm!
Here is a case study of why I hate her so much.
In the last place I worked, there was this Brit guy, a paedophile, who was forced to leave the company.
Her first reaction was: "Oh so it is all Indians again, we need a Brit" or something to that effect.
She also had the gall to comment loudly that non-native English speakers (meaning Indians) were being recruited for the English newspaper only because they were cheap. And that was compromising on quality.
What is truly amazing for me is that in my wide open, and easily forgiving heart, I have found no sympathy for her, pitiful as she may be
Last week, after years, I run into her... and the anger was still raw. And it burnt, when she said "we prefer Qatar the way it was before..." Yes, before, when an illiterate could be the principal of a school, if he had the right skin colour!
Oh, did I mention, the reason she and her fellow racists give for not going back to UK? Too many Asians/Asians have taken over/Britain is no longer what it used to be...

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Teesu said...

Good good. When you hit, you may as well do so with all you have!