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Saturday, February 23, 2008

chef in the house

starters: cashews, mixed with stale cornflakes, with warm seasoning and salt.
main course: open packet of ready to cook pasta, add to bowl of warm water, some butter, 8mts in the microwave. an expert cook will stir the mixture every 3 mts to obtain right consistency.
dessert: crumbled marie biscuits topped with left over ice cream, for a smooth crumbles.
beverage: strongest alcohol in the house, to get guests drunk, before they begin to ponder over the meal served.

ps: the devil is in the details, so don't scrounge. bring out your best china. not the disposables.

psssttt: make sure you receive your guests wearing a frilly apron, and strategically placed flour on your forehead and nose.

bon appetit!


Teesu said...

Er...what was that?

umm oviya said...

that's all the cooking ive done in many many months.