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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

why i still like a democracy...

despite the corruption, despite the country's ability to elect absolute idiots as leaders, despite the nepotism... i still believe in democracy.
watching the trust motion live (including such gory clips as Somnath Chatterjee digging his nose for a full minute and MPs behaving disgracefully), the sheer dynamics of the voice of the people, makes me really happy that India hasn't met with the same pitiable fate as its neighbours -- Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka.
I am really happy that however slow our progress has been, we've always looked ahead, looked forward. We are not the perfect nation (FAAAARRRRR from it), but we are a proud one. we are a hopeful one.
and even if money has changed hands, i prefer that, any day, to bloody coups and assassinations to prove a point.

ps: Rahul Gandhi – how juvenile was his speech?
pps: Is Somnathda aware that he is on camera?

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