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Sunday, May 03, 2009

25 random facts about me OR Ego Tripping

I’ve been tagged on this by many people on FB and blogs. So here goes…
1. I have 2 given names and they both represent the same Hindu goddess. Shows the height of indifference of an atheistic father who gave in to the will of his 3 older daughters and father, by accepting both options.
2. I have an irrational, hysterical fear of lizards. I lose all reason and bearings at the sight of one.
3. My mother is the single most important person in my life (barring my daughters). At 35 I still am greatly influenced by what she proscribes. But that doesn’t mean I don’t piss her off and fight with her.
4. I HATE COOKING. So I don’t.
5. I have a thing for Mallu men. Ended up marrying one.
6. I hate mixing professional and personal life, and try with rather great success to not merge working relationships with friendships.
7. In the many roles I play, the truest is at work. In every other – friend, sister, mum, wife, daughter – I take the other person into consideration, and don’t hesitate to put aside my interests. At work, I play myself with great abandon. That’s the real me with all the negatives and positives out on uninhibited display.
8. I am by nature very friendly, but take a long time making friends. And once I’ve done that, it’s invariably, for life. I have friends from KG whom I am still in touch with.
9. People feel I put an inordinate amount of effort in my friendships. I tend to agree.
10. I make excellent chicken, though I am a vegetarian.
11. I have severe bouts of depression that only certain friends can pull me out of.
12. I feel handicapped if I am not reading a book.
13. I am extremely jealous of anyone who can write humorously (without being mean). There is no better writing than that which makes people laugh or lighten their worries.
14. I multi-task more effectively and more effortlessly than most people I know.
15. I am not VAIN. Though MS spell check never fails to suggest this alternative for my name!
16. I had a crush on Anil Kumble for the longest time. In fact, conned some gullible colleagues that I was engaged to him!
17. Dark skinned men are a big TURN on.
18. Call it envy or scepticism (or plain old b****iness), but I tend to be dismissive of a lot of mediocre blogs that seem unreasonably popular.
19. I believe men ARE better at humour, chess and chilling out.
20. I actually DO LIKE Doha. Even I find it hard to believe I do.
21. I believe in capital punishment.
22. I don’t believe in corporal punishment in schools.
23. I love hanging around airport lounges and second class railway compartments. You can never get bored.
24. I love the bread omelette and tomato soup on Brindavan Express (Chennai-Bangalore).
25. I don’t trust easily, and am innately suspicious of most people.

If you haven’t done this, you are tagged.


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Great reading:)

umm oviya said...

and i bet you knew most of it already.