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Monday, May 04, 2009

Madras Musings III

One of my favourite moments back home in Madras. Fresh elaneer (tender coconut water).

The hard climb up

And down

Getting my drink ready. O clicks this pic on my mobile O with her Ammamma, enjoying the activity

What wouldn't I do for one yummy elaneer, to drink right out of the shell. No straw or any other conduit for me.


Sangeetha said...

Ur pictures have brought to life memories of my home in chennai... the coconut-tree, neem-tree, unpainted buildings in the bkgrnd and of course, ur child and her ammama... looked almost like my own daughter standing with her ammama... :-)

umm oviya said...

next time i've gotta take of my house from a neighbours. missed that. but there is such charm to these old independent (albeit small) houses.