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Monday, November 12, 2007

Super Stars Are Not Above The Law! Not even me!

I swear on everything dearest to me, that I didn't coach her on this.
But my lil Oviya (all of 6) wanted to know why her surname is that of her father's, and why mine doesn't figure anywhere.
And then she tells me she wants to be called Oviya Saraswathi (my second name) Cherian.
I was so over the moon, I made a few deliriously happy international calls to my sisters to tell them this.
That's not the only reason I feel like a superstar.
She tells me when she is a grown up she will work in Qatar Today, just the way I do.
For her I am perfect it seems, because she tells me day in and day, that she is going to be just like me when she is a 'grown up' and do all that I do.
Except today, when she very wisely added, "But I won't get that yellow sticker on the car or go to the police station".
Which reminds me, I have a traffic fine to pay. Again.
The saving grace being, my daughter is a discerning little imp!

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