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Monday, November 12, 2007

The last f**k

i received validation for a decision i took 12 years ago, and i learnt a lesson about living life to the fullest, till the very last minute.
and all from a truckload of lamb being led to the slaughterhouse.
so here i am rushing to an appointment, and right in front of me is a truck load of lamb. They are packed in tight, and i was upset wondering if they knew that was their last drive ever? and just feeling glad that I turned vegetarian a dozen years ago.
So that's my validation.

Then I saw them jostle each other, and one in particular seemed like it would fall over the flimsy barrier holding them in. And there I was thinking, "The bastards could not even get them a comfortable truck. They are literally on top of each other."
And then it hit me. They were! At least one of them managed to find some lust/romance in that sad moment, and was humping away. I was so hysterical with laughter, I almost lost control of the wheel.
So that's the lesson in life. If I am going to be led to the slaughterhouse, I am going to make sure I have one last good fuck!

1 comment:

Teesu said...

Hmmm. A very naughty thought indeed. But just for laughs, I am sure the sheep were just doing it 'because it was there'. This is the problem with humans sometimes...we don't 'seize the moment' and miss out on big as well as small things in life!Anycase, i doubt sincerely that sex would be on the mind for a human whilst on the way to a slaughterhouse...who knows?I don't WANT to know;)