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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

radio ga ga

feeling really nostalgic about the radio.
here, as soon as i get into the car, i tune into 89.1, dubai fm, which plays hindi music. and it is not always a clear signal.
and i realise how easily we give up stuff we enjoyed, for things we think are better.
i remember vividh bharati at 7.15 am in mds. and again at 8.15 pm. and the deaf old man across the street listening to bbc news.
and then the english music station, don't remember the exact number.
now of course there is radio mirchi and all those kinds of stuff. i am sure i would be hooked if i were back home.
there is a difference however with what you hear on dubai fm. in the evenings especially, you hear these desperately lonely and sad voices calling in. and at the end of the minute or so, they seem to cheer up. i just hope the rjs know they are doing a wonderful job of being empathetic to these listeners, who live far away from home, and probably alone. of course there is one real rude rj -- gayathri -- someone should silence her!
now let me zero in on qatar's 97.5 fm. evenings are good, they play real nice selection. rj-ing is hopeless most of the time. but mornings are a torture. irrelevant stuff. about exhibitions being held in some vague corner of britain. and the then there are these real weird brit rjs who think they are being funny, but are only making asses of themselves...
give me back my vividh bharathi!

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