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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I hate admitting this…

…But I do think I am a workaholic. Though I was eager to take the break, days before I left Doha I had my apprehensions. And now I am SO BORED!!!!! I miss my routine. Of work, of running my home… I even miss O’s school and her homework. All this defined my day and life, and now I feel restless.
I am sure it will pass, and I will become the lazy cow I love being.


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Lazy?! After you get your No.2? UHHHHUH.

Anonymous said...

well… i visit your blog first time and found this blog very useful and interesting !
well… you guys doing nice work and i just want to say that keep rocking and keep it up !!!!