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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Maximum City

Maximum deaths were at CST. Maximum coverage was not on it though. Maximum blame will probably be on the cops in the station, because CCTV caught their inaction.
Maximum bias, maximum insecurity, maximum snobbery, maximum city.

Added: Gnani has said it much better and much more forcefully here.


Does it matter said...

Oh yes.. and this was not even lower class victims. These victims were probably lower/middle class, since they were families taking long distance trains, not the local.

But, in the pecking order, they are way, way below. I am surprised the govt did not announce 2 different compensation plans, one for the 5-star crowd and one for the CST victims - they would easily justify it too.

Just call me 'A' said...

true...for us so far away with only CNN and few others showing snippets it seem that only the taj was in trouble...not one person from the CST site was shown on TV or his vioce heard....(at least whenever i watched the TV, this was all i saw)