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Friday, May 15, 2009

Small Change? Big Deal.

I refuse to take toffee for change. I simply refuse, and I don't mind waiting and holding up the checkout line, but I will insist on getting my change and not some stupid chewing gum or toffee that is never consumed.
I have a draw of these, 'cos husband dear doesn't mind. Especially if it involves cute Filipinas flashing a smile and extending polo for the riyal they owe.
But not me. I find it difficult to believe that large supermarkets don't have enough change on them? Ridiculous.
And here is the latest in my 'small change' experience.
I happen to have an account in arguably the worst bank in town, the Standard Chartered.
For canceling a debit card I didn't ask for, hence didn't collect, they charged me Qr25. I complained to the customer service desk there, and said the charge of Qr75 (instead of 25, and it was a genuine slip of the tongue) had to be reversed. And the exec came back saying it was 'only' 25 (and obviously from his expression the unsaid was "what's the big deal"). 
The 'Only' 25 was earned by leaving my kids at home and going to work. It was earned by using my brains. It was earned by dedicating my time to a task. So I snapped, even if it's just 25dhs, I want it back.
They looked at me incredulously... and I glared at them ready to snap. They have promised to look into it and get back to me.

The issue is not the 'amount'. It is the principle. If I WISH to burn 25 bucks I will do it as I see fit, not because someone thinks it's small change.

And since I've already named the bank, let me name the supermarkets too -- Lulu: Every time. Every single time. Anything less than a riyal is never returned in currency. 
FFC fumbles too, but rather rarely.

I just hate the way people are dismissive of 'small' change. Other people's 'small' change that is.


Blogeswari said...

Cheapos! There's this BARISTA at Phoenix mills Lower Parel. You order a cappucino, cold coffee whatever it comes to 47 or 48 bucks. You give them say Rs.100. They give you fifty bucks and say that that the Rs.2 or Rs.3 will be sent to you to your table along with the order.. and yes, they don't... every single time.

And everytime after finishing my coffee, I walk past the main desk and then come back to remind them about my rendu rooba and the usual "Oh sorry ma'am! we" .. once okay... every time? adapongappa!

Shyam said...

The next time, offer to pay them in sweets, V :) It should work both ways as coinage, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi, It happens frequently for me.. it is little awkward to stand for a small change, but I also keep doing that..why to let go..

umm oviya said...

Barista like Chennai Auto guys? And Shyam, believe me with all the candy husband collects, I can sure exchange for a week's supply of provisions.

onlyinqatar! said...

Couldn't of said it better! Wonder if supermarkets would like to get paid in packets of gum too?