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Sunday, April 06, 2008

this is not a harangue against mallus

still... what the heck!
the disclaimer first. i don't hate mallus. i am married to one, and most of my friends are malayalees.
but i've really started noticing them as a unique entity only after coming to the Gulf (gelf, if you please).
it annoys be when the respond 'kerala' when someone asks them where they are from... and i don't mean queries from fellow indians. even if you specifically ask them which country they are from, they say 'kerala'.
at my arabic class, when we were talking about postal systems, and i referred to the indian one, this 'effing' M tells the class, "oh, it is the same even in Kerala."
i wanted to kick her where it hurts, as the class of mixed nationalities looked incredulously at the two of us in class. After all, aren't we from the same country.
yesterday, a new colleague asks me which country i was from. i was amazed. my name, looks, accent are enough to tell the guy i am from the same country as him. when i asked him why he would ask me such an inane question, as if it weren't obvious, he actually had the gall to say. "Oh not many malayalees in the office. so i thought you were from some other place... madras or something."
and people think i'm prejudiced when i come down hard on these folks.
**repeat disclaimer :)**


Teesu said...

ANNNOYING indeed!(My disclaimer: I wanted to marry a mallu!)

Blogeswari said...

Mallus are totally totally annoying, self-obsessed lot.You introduce two mallus and they'll completely leave you out of the conversation asking each other "WHAT'S YOUR SONDHA OOR.." (and invariably the answer will be kannoor)... UGGGH!

ILA(a)இளா said...

Some more here. The same disc here

Anonymous said...

You have been quoted ;-)


Eswar said...

One day keralite will become synonymous with kashmiriyat. bet one me

Anonymous said...

I can't make out why people are so angry with malayalis. The ones I know are very intelligent and lovely people. I suppose it has to do with the malayali's rather justified superiority complex vis-a-vis other Indians.

your blog is much civilized than the ones run on the similar lines by some "obnoxious weeds" from some Kuwait school.

umm oviya said...

hey anon, i do know you... and big joke about the superiority complex. oh, so right!

Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to admit that mallus are by far the most racist group...we come from the daityas and as a rule of thumb view all others as lessers, granted its backwards thinking, but history has its perks.

sumith said...

Do you know why are we unable to form a Team of 11 stupids to play and win a football match in the World cup??

Have u guys ever thought why Indians starving for a medal in Olympics???

Coz here we have 10 million people fighting each other and spiting on others face in the name of religion,language, culture,blah..blah…

I think people are not to be generalized.

I believe, Staes had got created not to ruin the integrity but to give better infrastructure to a set of people. If we start spiting on each other and tarnish thorough these kinda blogs we are making the world to laugh at us.

Please be kind enough to open your eyes and see where we are. Its high time for us to stay together.

If we stop shitting on another at least the Youngisthan will bring a Soccer cup to India.