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Monday, April 07, 2008

why isn't any one else bothered?

or at least why aren't they showing that they are bothered?
every morning, when i drop my daughter at school i keep my fingers crossed that all the kids make safe passage. the school bus drivers are nuts. the race into the campus... they drive recklessly on the roads. and when i complain (and i complain often and bitterly) i am told "what do we do? we keep telling them. you give us bus numbers and we will take action against the driver."
and then those who walk in or out of school smoking a cig? don't they even have a pea-sized brain? and then again i seem to be the only getting worked up over this, picking fights with the erring parent or driver or whoever...
i am not a prude. i enjoy my smoke and drink, but i do believe in setting examples. i would never smoke in front of my child or any child. and so often, at cafes in family malls, i see parents wagging cigarettes and blowing smoke into their kids' faces.


Teesu said...

Obviously, the world is getting fuller with irresponsible sickos who reproduce because they CAN. But you cannot stop the way u feel and act. I would do the same and probably watch out for those drivers and give the school the reason they need to make an issue of it. I have done something like this once.

umm oviya said...

you know people are so phenomenally selfish... they just can't be bothered to take that extra effort.