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Sunday, November 16, 2008

maybe you have nothing to say, but i am still asking. why?

i have this counter going on the blog. sometime earlier this year i got rid of it. because it started controlling my moods. on a good count day i was all confident and high; on a bad count day i was full of self doubt.
then the blog and i came to an understanding. we are there for each other, first and foremost. rest is only coincidental. so i started a new counter. and then i also added the mapping widget. through this little window i know the location of the numbers. people who stumble into or seek out my blog.
on an average there are about 100-120 hits a week, of late.
some i know are repeat visitors.
i have a lot to say on my blog. and i have a lot to say on other people's blogs, as well. and i am wondering why these folks have nothing to say on mine? why are they not de-lurking?
and i've tried to reason out why so few (or hardly any) of those who drop by actually comment.
here are my Top 10 reasons why most passers-by don't comment:
1. they are so overwhelmed by my wit and skill, they are speechless.
2. they are secret admirers and have a fan club going behind my blog-back.
3. they don't understand what i write.
4. they mock me in silence, as they are too polite to voice what they really think.
5. i am plain boring.
6. they landed here by mistake. they were looking for quiet qatar not quite qatar.
7. the widget folks, in a bid to popularise their products, are doctoring the counter and mapping.
8. a glitch in technology doesn't deliver the comments to my box.
9. they are scared that by commenting, they'd encourage me to ramble on further.
10. it's all maya!


sindhu said...

I would go with the first two...

Deeps said...

really,Sindhu???You have a fanclub??Pls give me the details,I'll join too!
I'd go with reason1 and a bit of no3...some of the issues that you cover just seem to go over my head and I'm left wondering "am I so dumb?"
I simply love all your posts on motherhood & O...I look forward to reading about them.
Keep it going,V..You'r doing great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Umm Oviya, have commented here before... Like your style of writing :) best wishes, Anjali

Does it matter said...

How about, they like yr blog so visit it, but are generally lazy to comment (?)

wordjunkie said...

Definitely #1 (and with that, I will sneak away...)

nitya said...

I am here reading regularly... there, I delurked to tell you that. surely, it counts? :-)

umm oviya said...

sindhu/deeps -- both of you in a sarcy mood i see!
and thanks everyone for indulging me.

Anonymous said...

11. I am very opinionated and cannot accept others points of view!

You missed adding the above.

umm oviya said...

of course i am very opinionated. that's why i have this blog. doesn't take a genius to figure that out. but about other points of view? as long as they are from people with names and guts, i am open, mate. but cowardly, anons? not so sure.

Pollux aka Paps said...

V: Me, I fall into two categories: bit of lazy and always in a rush, as not enuff time;-)

Now I ask you - how do you find so much time??????? I can barely blog once a week. do tell me your secret, V.

umm oviya said...

if i tell you that kiwi, i will be in deep trouble with a bunch of folks... let's just say i'm a lousy housekeeper and fantastic multi-tasker ;)

Gayatri said...


Nice blog.
I read various parents' perspectives and see if i can implement with my own.
I left comments on couple of other blogs and never got to see them (not that i am desperate to see my name in print/blog!:) ). So, these days i'm not sure if I can leave a comment or not.
hugs to your daughter.


umm oviya said...

welcome here G. I have an open door policy on comments. i don't moderate or choose. you can say whatever you want. come back!