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Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Ungreen Thumb

I have the opposite of a green thumb, and though I have gotten over the initial desperation, something still pricks (and it ain't a thorn in my rose bush!).
I have even managed to kill a potted cactus (and I live in a desert!).
My mum, mil, sister are all fantastic gardners, and can grow just about anything. But me? A green tragedy.
And I get terribly jealous when I see other bloggers like Shyam and MG boast about their gardens, i want to do a 'me too' post.

A few months ago I bought a 'money plant' for O's school project. Supposed to be the easiest plant to grow.
I wish I could say it now looks like this:

Despite me staying away from it and R & O tending to it, it now looks like this:

O refuses to get rid of it, and waters it, in the hope that it will come back to life!

To make up for my 'brown' thumb & deadly vibes, I make do with these (sigh!)...


mg said...

have you been overwatering? and I have killed lots of plants too...

wordjunkie said...

Hi, have been reading your blog for a while, and am delurking to commiserate with a fellow plant killer :0) We've actually painted flowers onto the wall on the balcony, to distract from the barren pots lying below.
Really enjoy your writing.

Sonia said...

The trick is to "spray" water on the leaves and the soil twice a day. Those bottles which hair hair dressers use, or empty window cleaner solution bottles will do well;) The plant will feel good, more at home in this desert. And have plenty of light at home..and dont keep it in the balcony!
I have a money plant with 3 leaves in all- I will not let it die:)And a stalk I grow in water and a bamboo plant which I love most. No space for more in my tiny house, though Id love to, because then we'd have to move out!

umm oviya said...

sonia, i'm too scared to buy another plant and try the water-spray method. maybe after i return from india in april.