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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Unquirky me

I tagged myself to this -- to reveal 5 quirky aspects of my personality. From wordjunkie & nithya -- two blogs I stumbled upon recently.

Now I thought this would be fun and easy. However, I realise that I can't think of anything quirky or unconventional about me. I am so BORING, and that depresses me.

When I really think about it, whatever I like to term as quirks are merely very annoying (to others) habits.

The one thing that comes close to quirky -- I like to wake up groggy 'overslept'. If I am able to wake up without a problem, or have a nap that is shorter than an hour, I feel very cheated.

Apart from that, zilch cute and nice and unconventional things I can honestly attribute to myself. I adjust to most situations, don't have a favourite blanket or teddy or whatever, and think through most issues with my head (even if the initial reaction had been emotional).

But I am going to take the liberty of listing other people's quirks that I find endearing, without mentioning names:

1. A friend not only goes around her car checking all the doors, but insists that whoever is with her double checks the locks too. She does the same with taps!
2. Another friend goes to sleep at 9 sharp. Come what may... even if she is in the midst of a boisterous group of people, she will just nod off.
3. Someone I know can't resist freebie offers. His wife tells me they have enough free mugs and spoons to set up a store.
4. O loves saying the word 'Pregnant' and uses it at least a dozen times a day. Either reminding me I am pregnant, or announcing to everyone she meets -- from the laundry man to the bored neighbour -- that her mother is pregnant. That's quirky quickly going sour...
5. A cousin of mine touches every idol or image of an idol at the home he is exiting (even if it's one he was only visiting, or one he was exiting for the 5th time that day). Can be quite tricky when you want to make a quick exit!

Now, in turn the tag automatically applies to anyone who reads this post.


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

He he. Door locks and taps endearing? really?!

Shyam said...

I've done quirky about myself (although I've been informed they ARENT quirky), but I like the idea of outing quirky things about friends as a tag :)

So Teesu, you're the obsessive one about locks and taps? ;)

wordjunkie said...

Hey, that's a quirk... being a magnet for people with quirks!

sindhu said...

Have tagged along on this one too!