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Friday, November 07, 2008

O Plus Tales II

O & I are discussing how Plus should address her. I am adamant that she be called O-akka or O-chechi. But O wants to know why she can't just be O to her little sibling.
She addresses all her older cousins by name, because they insisted she does, even though I was not too thrilled about it.

I have three older sisters, and I address the oldest (nearly 13 years my senior) as I-ka. The other 2 are just C & M (9 & 6 years older), as they thought it was not too hip to be addressed as akka. Well, these two wannabe hipsters are also responsible for the long, unusual combination of a name that I have.

I address all my older cousins as akka or anna. I love the way it sounds. Unfortunately, I am amongst the youngest of all the cousins, so don't have anyone calling me akka.

I am trying to explain all this to O -- that sometimes these titles do help in the bonding. That my bond with her I-periamma is that much more special because I address her as akka... and I know because of that she is far more forgiving and tolerant of my quirks than the others.

When I have these conversations with O, R gives me that knowing look which reads: Stop brainwashing her.

The last time he did that I snapped. Many of his younger cousins call him R-achayan, and he seems to enjoy that, and his sister is always addressed as A-chechi, so why give me these looks? I am after all allowing her to choose between chechi and akka.

I've got a clear 3 months to continue with my persuasion. And then another 9-10 months before Plus actually learns to say the word.

Good luck to me.


Sonia said...

Hey, I actually love being called Oni, which is my name minus the S in the beginning and A at the end. Of course, dad will make it a point to remind her that didi/ chechi is 10 years older.
And now I NEVER see you! But then it may be because we never log in at the same time, whenever I do log in.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Yakkao! You are henceforth going to be called --Akka by me even though we are not sisters;)Unn asaikkaaga.

umm oviya said...

sonia: oni is cute right? could be chechi in some alien tongue :)
teesu: that will also have to mean you treat me with respect, would that be possible?

Ren said...

My bro and I used to call each other by our names (I shud mention that I was mostly called idiot and yours truly responded also....idiot me)until I was forced by The Elders to call him Ravietta . He never responded to any call. Point taken. Went back to the old version. Now , years later, we call each other by our full names Ravi....kar & Ren...a, the only 2 people to do so. Weird. The same me calls my husband A'etta. Go figure.

Pollux aka Paps said...

HeyV: I agree that Plus shd call O akka-chechi. I have trained small N to call big N akka, altho S, like R, was a bit annoyed with it initially. Now he's used to it;-)