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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Booker

Another Booker, Another Indian. Congrats Adiga...
I wonder what most of us do with our lives.
Apparently Aravind Adiga wanted to be a novelist from the time he was little. So did I, and a million others.
He is 10 months younger than me, a Chennai-vasi, a journalist... only difference he went to Oxford and wrote for TIME. Small difference, really!
I haven't read White Tiger yet. But it does sound interesting.
Adiga's win is not luck. It's perseverence.

Of the other winners, I really like Rushdie and Naipaul. Roy is interesting too, though her novel had way too many factual errors.

Kiran Desai? That's a lot of luck and a lot of influence. Her book sucked big time! Inheritance of an Influential Mum, more like!


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Hmmm.I think I might pick up White Tiger...

shyam said...

White Tiger is ok... not really funny, because reality isnt funny. But it's still not a "deep" read, more like a timepass one. Did you read the interview with Adiga in The Guardian? What a pompous ass he came across, comparing himself to Dickens, Balzac and suchlike! :)

Still, do read it, you guys, and tell me what you think of the book.

umm oviya said...

i spoke too soon about this guy i think. almost every review is really bad. just assumed it can't be worse than Desai's book. gotta borrow it now, not buy it.