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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good news finally. Congrats, Indians.

Just when it was all depressing and awful news from India, 2 days in a row something to be proud of.

India kicked Aussies' ass -- and without too much controversy.

Vish Anand is on a roll. Again!

And today we launched our Moon Mission, Chandrayaan.

Not that any of this in any way erases the despicable and tragic Khandamal or the 'Nut Case' Thackeray's campaign or the zillion other problems that plague us.

These moments of pride prove we are not a country full of despots, bigots and idiots.

That match we won was a fantastic effort by a team that personifies India's diversity.
Ditto the team that launched Chandrayaan.
And about Vish Anand -- do we really need to say anything at all!


Ren said...

After the scenes from Mumbai, all three were uplifting to hear. I felt the third was most important cos it shows us entering the next era in space exploration. Cool. The fact that the chairman is a namesake of my son added to the interest. ;) Gave me hope that in years to come, he may switch from flying spaceships on PC games to the actual thing. Think of it as a mom daydreaming.

umm oviya said...

Say it R. Just spill it. It's also cos he is a mal :)

Ren said...

Thats right! Mallus rooock! But also bcos the next match we lose, all this will be forgotten and players/family will be attacked. Short public memory esp reg cricket. And Anand has already proved to be the best. Although last month he did come last in a tournament. But an Indian flag on the moon , now thats something!