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Friday, October 03, 2008


Yesterday, a bunch of us went for a bbq evening at a beach club.

Because R & I are the only 2 journos in the group, people tend to turn to us for expert opinion and inside news on various issues -- from the US financial crisis to Singur to Doha losing the 2016 bid.

We spoke about politics and business, and between us we were able to neatly cover the issues. R provided all the details and facts, while I gave my pompous opinions to make up for what I lacked in knowledge.

And we yacked and gossiped about celebrities.

That's when it got so bloody embarrassing. I knew so much about their personal lives. Who is/was with whom, Rahul Gandhi's ex-girlfriend, Karan Johar's preferences, Kamal's obsessions, Nagma's conversion, OMG, I even knew intimate details about Rakhi Sawant.

I, seriously, seriously need to stop reading online gossip, and ponder more over the state of Singur, Nuclear deal and the Ambani feud.