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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Thank you, Life!

In continuations of this:

I am grateful for so many things in my life.

Every day I realise that I am amongst the luckier people in the world. That the challenges I face are easily overcome; the problems I have are negligible; I am protected by caring and wonderful people, who even when I least deserve to be loved, never hesitate to show that they care; I have a happy child, and when I wanted another it happened easily enough, gestational diabetes notwithstanding.

But the last couple of days I've been singularly grateful for this: Babu mentioned in the post linked above is safe and fine.

He made a desperate attempt to escape this place... a place to which he escaped in the first place, in a bid to get a better life than what he had back in Jaffna.

After months of planning, scrounging, and a bit of hiding the truth, he travelled to Europe. And then there was no news... we were worried and scared. But after 8 months, we receive a call from him 2 days ago. He is safe. More importantly, he is happy. It was a struggle, but he is finally on a valid visa, awaiting a permanent residency, supported by the French government's social security... he hopes to provide a decent escape for his family, from the war-torn areas of Sri Lanka.

I am grateful, he thought us important enough to call us long distance and keep us informed.

I am grateful that for the 6 years he was with us, he made such a huge difference to us.

I am grateful that there are governments and countries that still believe in protecting human rights.


Deeps said...

Its sad that still many people don't get the necessary assistance and support from their homeland that they deserve and they have to seek refuge elsewhere. That way the European nations are far ahead in safeguarding their citizens' rights,isn't it?
My co-sister who is French delivered both her children in France which automatically entitled the kids to some lifelong benefits like medical,education,etc.etc.
I hope Babu finds happiness wherever he is and is soon reunited with his family.

umm oviya said...

oh, yes. you have met him right?

Deeps said...

yes yes...I remember I was new in Doha then and in search of someone to help me with housework(dare I use the word 'houseboy'!).Thats when you offered to spare him for a while to help me in setting up.
Thanks for that though:)