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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

O Plus Tales I

Yesterday we went for a 2nd tri scan.

This was the first time O was seeing Plus, and she has been waiting for this for a while. Though she couldn't quite grasp what or how she would see inside my stomach, and was a little worried that the doctor would split me open for her benefit, so she could catch a glimpse of Plus.

At the first scan of Plus, R & I were excited. R is the kind who expresses his excitement with a big grin, and responds to mine with big 'yeahs'.

I talk. Really talk. And O is the Umm's bint in this... she gets all giggly and high-strung and chatty.

So it was an awesome experience to see Plus with her by my side. And probably sensing the presence of chechi/akka (more of that later)... it moved and waved its hands and legs and put up quite a show for her.

And she spoke about the scan non-stop the whole day. She told everyone she met that she saw "'our baby' in my mother's stomach". She wanted to know how the gel and the scan strobe transmitted the image of the baby on to the screen, what the doctor was doing on the computer, how the baby got in, when it will get out...

She woke me up to the whole miracle of nature and technology. Just when I was getting impatient with the long wait ahead, and tiring a bit... she injected energy into this pregnancy.

It's so wonderful to see things from a child's point of view -- because they take so little for granted, they don't shy away from expressing their amazement, and are not embarrassed to show their excitement.


imemyself said...

in this again, i am with O... recollecting my time when i was waiting (or dreading????) to become an elder sister to someone in process... that someone turned a year older yesterday and was bashful when i recollected how Dad and i were waiting at 10.30 pm outside the OT for him to arrive... in fact, i had slept off!! when he was brought out in a tray...

Shyam said...

I'd say that kids are not worried about asking questions (and thereby exhibiting ignorance) - unlike adults, methinks :)