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Monday, October 13, 2008

marrying well is an accomplishment?

Quite a few of my school and college friends are accomplished women -- there are physicians, musicians, models, actors, dancers, financial controllers, some even climbing the corporate ladder in various organisations in India and abroad.
Yet, references to the batch are not in terms of these achievers. Often the reference is about someone who married well or married a celebrity!
I wonder -- is that what defines us most? Our marital status?


imemyself said...

i think socially it is still important whose spouse one is. and this i notice amongst big time acquaintances. that some of us choose to ignore it and live life differntly has not been able to dent the rules society lives by.

Anonymous said...

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Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Well, marital status is part of one's definition I'm sure.
But in my books, the spouse of a friend is usually an afterthought. Still, the universal attitude towards celebrities probably overrides anything else;)

Shyam said...

Dont understand why anyone would want to marry a celeb? Havent they noticed how unstable & unhappy celeb marriages/lifetyles are, aside from superficial glamour?

Wunly way life would be better than it is now, would be being married to someone super-rich and totally unknown :)

umm oviya said...

shyam, like a mafia don maybe? his face is never known. he is a ghost. goes by the name of X and has tonnes of money stashed away all over the world and is immune to the financial crash?

onlyinqatar! said...

Call me selfish... but your man does not define who you are. I was just telling a friend the other day... you often hear the words uttered by nieve sigletons "He/she just complete me?!" Personally that just illustrates how weak that person is. Without any ofence to our near and dear, you are and always be your own individual & be proud of it. Having said that, many here, feel that they have to boast as after some time comparing quilt collections & souq finds can be boring:)

shyam said...

Not mafia don, methinks... my conscience wouldnt sit well with living off ill-gotten gains. Perhaps a multi-billionaire who makes his money from income off patents - perhaps someone like the guy who invented/manufactures traffic cones? :)