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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Words and terms I hate

Illegitimate child – how is that better than bastard?
Houseboy – you know why
Homemaker – big deal, still means housewife. Brinjals, eggplants, aubergines… what’s the difference.
South Indian – whoa, why the hell? Asian, Indian, South American, South Indian?
Inner beauty – My FOOOOOOOOOT!
Pleasantly Plump – Nonsense. Fat and can carry it off.
Size Zero – Really? Zero. What next, Size Minus 2?
Aesthetically or intellectually challenged – Again how is that better than ugly or stupid?
Chick – and the opposite is?

And some terms I used to hate, but am now ok with...
Madrasi – Proud to be one
Big or Plus Size – Enjoy being one

Maybe continued...


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

A rose is a rose is a rose. Eh?

Deeps said...

I invariably get asked 'aap madrasi hai?' to which I can never tire of saying 'nai,mai pakka "mallu" hoon'..I've come across so many people ,esp north indians,for whom any south indian is a madrasi...

Another term that I love that you hate is 'Homemaker'..I simply love being called one..although in my opinion even the husbands should be called a 'Homemaker'.Isnt it a joint effort that goes in making a house a home?

Rest all other terms-totally with you!

onlyinqatar! said...

Couldn't agree more... People often try too hard to be politically correct and sound even worse. You might as well just come out with and say what you mean! Stores should just say:
- T's for busty chicks
- Big bottoms
- Short & Fat